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– Charity Tables
We don’t accept charity tables for this event, this is because we want to support our own charities. EM-Con reserves the right to decline bookings from traders supplying goods or services deemed unsuitable for this event.
– We do not allow sharing of tables at this event
– Sale of Weapons
We do not accept any trading of Weapons at any of our shows.

Purchasing a table

IMPORTANT – After making your selections in the options above you must go into your account via “My EM-Con” here you will find the following tabs

My Purchases

Please make sure all the details are correct for your purchase, Please do not forget to enter your business name or you will not be listed.


All table purchases will say “Processing” until the day of the convention, this is just part of our website software and does not mean your table isn’t confirmed.

Contact Details

All details must be filled out, this could jeopardise your booking if not filled out correctly.
Please note – your booking may be declined if you do not supply all information (Business name, Product, etc)

Dealer information

Under this tab in “My EM-Con” you can pick your table from the remaining tables left.

All tables are 6′ x 2′ trestle tables of which we supply 1 per grid. (Additional tables can be hired to be used as backing tables only at £15)

2 Dealer passers PER BOOKING, additional passes can be purchased at dealer registration, any trader found without a pass may be asked to leave if a pass is not purchased (£10 each)
Chairs will be provided upon request.
There is no discount for multiple table bookings.

***Please note that due to the the EM-Con table booking procedure that there is no table refunds for cancellations.***

Above: A BLUE table indicates that the table has already been sold or allocated. CLICK MAP TO GO FULL SCREEN

For information on your booking, please log into your account and click the trader information tab. All the information you need will be here including loading times and breakdown times.

Terms and Conditions

1. All tables purchased for any convention must be paid for in full on completion of booking.
2. All purchased tables must be selected immediately after purchasing table from the respective website.
3. Traders are not allowed to sell food or drink in any area of the venues unless express permission has been given by EM-Con Events Ltd.
4. Traders are responsible for their own pitch; if any trader is found to be leaving their pitch unattended then EM-Con Events Ltd reserve the right to remove this trader from the event.
5. Two (2) Trader passes are given to each booked trader, this is not per table. Any additional Trader passes are to be purchased at the General Entry day ticket price and to be picked up on set up.
6. Set up times are to be strictly adhered to – there are no exceptions for any trader. Set up times will always be announced prior to the convention.
8. Booking under an alias is not accepted. EM-Con Events Ltd reserve the right to remove this trader from the event.
9. Trader passes are NON TRANSFERABLE and cannot be passed on to or used by anyone other than the person to which it is issued.
10. Neither EM-Con Events nor the venue are responsible for any lost merchandise or money – all property of traders and stock is the traders own responsibility.
11. All items sold must adhere to laws pertaining to copyright and consumer sales.
12. EM-Con Events reserves the right to move trader tables as and when necessary if floor layouts change.
13. Any issues on the day should be addressed to the allocated Trader Manager named in the Trader Pack.
14. Guests booked to appear at EM-Con Events (Ltd) are not to be approached for assistance in the promotion of businesses or charities or asked to provide signatures for free or at discounted prices.
15. Discounts and limited offers are at EM-Con Event Ltd discretion.
16. EM-Con Events Ltd reserve the right to change any of the Terms and Condition at any time.
17. Trader are NOT ALLOWED to bring their own backing tables, only tables booked via EM-Con are to be used.
18. Any trader dealing with “mystery boxes” must issue EM-Con events ltd with a full listing of what will be issued in each box. This is to safe guard attendees.
19. EM-Con Events Ltd will not refund any table if the trader cancels their attendance. Booking a trader space at this event incurs a cost that the event company will not be held responsible for, any attempt could end in a ban from trading at any EM-Con Events Ltd Event.